Technology Trends in Company Communications

In my last blog I had discussed the trend companies are leaning toward when it comes to issuing performance shares to their executives.

As technology continues to evolve, another prominent trend that we see happening at the corporate level is that more and more companies are disseminating their equity plan information through technology.

Survey Says:   In 2012, a NASPP and Price Waterhouse survey found that 55% of participants had their equity award agreements delivered to them from the company’s internet site which is up from only 25% in 2009.  In addition,  in 2012, 76% of the companies used some form of electronic acceptance of award agreements on the websites hosted by the company, compared to only 39% in 2009.

Dan’s moral:  In today’s changing world, technology continues to touch all of us in many ways, but ultimately the responsibility is falling on the executive to make sound decisions about their equity awards.

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